Life Is A Journey

I have never gone for a long long long journey as some have, but there are times I have felt that the journey was longer than usual. Such journeys are very boring and tiresome and I wish I had not begun that journey in the first place.

A few years back, my parents, siblings and I embarked on a journey upcountry. We always leave very early in the morning so that we have breakfast at home and we don’t have to be so exhausted. This particular one was different, it was longer than expected. The Kisii-Kericho road was under construction and so there was a diversion to a dusty, rough road to pave way for the construction.

I cannot count the number of times I was thrown off my sit and collided with my sister who was seated next to me, I felt nauseated, tired, had a terrible headache and I couldn’t sleep (I love sleeping when I travel but its a bad habit).

Such is life, there are always ups and downs. There are times when we wish we never took this journey but that is just a wish. We have lost hope of ever reaching our destination and at times we have have no strength to continue. But there is hope.

Jesus is on this life journey with us and He promises that He will walk with us through the valleys and mountains of life, through the dark tunnels and through the sunny times. All we have to do is allow Hi to guide us. A song I love says,

Jesus Hold My Hand

1. As I travel through this pilgrim land there is a Friend who goes with me.
Leads me safely thro’ the sinking sand, it is the Christ of Calvary.
This would be my pray’r, dear Lord, each day to help me do the best I can,
For I need Thy light to guide me day and night, Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.

Je——-sus, hold my hand, I need Thee ev’ry hour,
(Blessed Jesus, hold my hand) (Yes, I need Thee ev’ry hour)
Thru this pilgrim land Protect my by Thy pow’r.
(Thru this land, this pilgrim land —-By Thy saving pow’r.)
Hear my feeble plea, O Lord, look down on me.
(Hear my plea, my feeble plea, Lord, dear Lord, Look down on me)
When I kneel in pray’r I hope to meet you there,
(When I kneel in prayer)
Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.

2. Let me travel in the light divine that I may see the blessed way;
Keep me that I may be wholly Thine and sing redemption’s song some day.
I will be a soldier brave and true and ever firmly take a stand,
As I onward go and daily meet the foe, Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.

3. When I wander thru the valley dim toward the setting of the sun,
Lead me safely to a land of rest if I a crown of life have won;
I have put my faith in Thee, dear Lord, that I may reach the golden strand,
There’s no other Friend on whom I can depend, Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.

I hope this would be your prayer in life’s journey.